Coating Applications

Coating Applications

A revolutionary and environmentally friendly Nanotech based rust converting system compatible with most high performance low VOC top coats.


NanoPrimeTM can be applied on painted or unpainted steel surfaces with or without rust. It chemically reacts with rust creating an inert corrosion resistant surface. After mechanical cleaning and pressure washing the surface to remove loose scale, oil, grease and dirt, apply two coats of NanoPrimeTM and a low VOC high performance top coat to create a durable anti-corrosive system.


Aluminum corrodes, especially in high humidity, industrial and marine environments. NanoPrimeTM solves this problem by chemically reacting with any grade of aluminum and provides excellent adhesion and long term corrosion protection.

NanoPrimeTM on aluminum requires no surface preparation other than removal of grease, oil, and dirt. One coat is required as a base for many high performance top coats.



NanoPrimeTM chemically reacts with weathered galvanized surfaces. Pressure wash to removal oil and dirt from the surface and apply one coat of NanoPrimeTM. Etching may be necessary on new galvanized surfaces prior to applying NanoPrimeTM to remove chromates on the surface for proper adhesion.

Compatible Top Coats

NanoPrimeTM has been tested with a variety of high performance top coating products. Low VOC epoxy and urethane based coatings are recommended for use. Tested top coats:



Carboline ®
Carbothane 134HG ®
Jotamastic Smart Pac
Vinyguard 88 Silver
Jotamastic 87
Marathon 500
Hardtop XP
PM 550 Urethane
1000 CS Epoxy
PPG Paints ®
PPG PSX 700 Polysiloxane ®
Sherwin Williams ®
Dura-Plate 301 Epoxy ™
Pro Industrial-Pre Catalyzed Epoxy K46 W 151 ™
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