Markets We Serve

Markets We Serve

Off Shore

Remote off-shore and island installations are challenging to maintain. NanoPrimeTM offers a real solution for maintaining these oil and gas installations because it requires minimal surface preparation, dries quickly and offers long term protection.


NanoPrimeTM as a marine maintenance tool reacts with existing paints, as well as corroded steel. Maintaining previously painted areas is a fast and easy process.

NanoPrimeTM dries quickly in air – 30 minutes to touch – 2 hours for a second coat.

NanoPrimeTM is nonflammable and non-toxic – perfectly safe to store and use on board. Ships can be safely and properly maintained while under way.


When coating infrastructure, there is a need for extensive protection to contain the sand blasting operation. NanoPrimeTM does not require sand blasting, is non-toxic and contains no VOC’s providing an ideal solution for infrastructure maintenance.

For galvanized/zinc steel construction which cannot be coated using currently available coatings, NanoPrimeTM will react and bond to provide long term protection and/or a foundation for a high performance top coats.

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