Technical Data

Technical Data

About 70% of the cost and 75% of the failures of coating systems, relate directly to surface preparation

Why Do Coatings Fail?

NRXTM NanoPrimeTM is a “one step” process and requires minimal surface preparation. With conventional paint systems, surface preparation can account for as much as 70% or more of the total cost of painting compared to 5%-15% for NRXTM.  This equates to significant cost savings.
NRXTM is the Solution to the Problem

  • No sand blasting

  • Fast application process, quick drying 30 minutes to touch, 2 hours for re-coat.

  • No VOC’s.

  • Safer for employees and the environment.

  • Can be applied to rust, galvanized, painted/ unpainted steel, aluminum & concrete.

Conventional painting requires
sand blasting.
Heavy protective gear
NRXTM – Low pressure water wash
and coat. (3,000-3,500 psi)
No heavy protective gear required,

Product Description

NanoPrimeTM works by chemically reacting with iron and iron oxide (rust) to form iron phosphate and creates a Nano bond with both metallic and painted surfaces.

The chemically bonded layer is insoluble and extremely corrosion resistant. This “bonding” process also provides superior adhesion and flexibility and stops under film corrosion that occurs when conventional coatings are damaged. The elasticity of NanoPrimeTM makes it very durable in temperature variations from -670C to +2000C (-900F to 4000F).

NanoPrimeTM forms an excellent foundation for a variety of high performance top coats, many of which have already been tested and qualified for application over NanoPrimeTM.

Characteristics and Application Parameters

NanoPrimeTM is a water based, “single pack” self-priming coating system that is easy to use:

  • Environmentally friendly: no VOC’s, non-toxic, non-flamable, free of heavy metals.
  • Versatile: can be used and applied over damp rusty surfaces, galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless with minimal surface preparation.
  • NanoPrimeTM can be used as a maintenance tool to repair corroding painted surfaces.
  • Protect concrete structures from moisture by creating a sealed layer as a result of the chemical reaction of NanoPrimeTM with the concrete.

NanoPrimeTM as a foundation for high performance coating systems.
NanoPrimeTM is compatible with water based or 100% solids based top coats, such as Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polysiloxane, etc.

NanoPrimeTM is compatible with most top coats that have a low VOC content.

NanoPrimeTM over rusted steel with Epoxy top coat
Adhesion Results in PSI
NanoPrimeTM over rusted steel with Polysiloxane top coat

Data Sheets

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